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Featuring Indigenous Futurists & more!

'Your Relatives in NYC'

We're Open!
12-6 PM
Thu - Sun

or by appointment

Indigenous Owned

"Our mission is to provide a peer-run space in New York City to celebrate and foster the advancement of Indigenous futurism in fashion and art through representation and education."


Indigenous-owned, founding members Korina Emmerich (Puyallup), and Liana Shewey (Mvskoke) built Relative Arts, the new brick-and-mortar community space, open atelier, and shop displaying contemporary Indigenous fashion and design. The space will be utilized to host classes with Indigenous guest instructors, and as an event space, hosting gallery shows, poetry readings, intimate musical performances, and knowledge-sharing events, in a comfortable and safe environment. In celebrating these practices we will also be a diverse in-house shop dedicated to Indigenous designers and artists. We are an open atelier holding custom designer fittings by appointment only.


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Relative Arts
Catalog No.1

Photographed by Two-Hawks Young

Creative Director Korina Emmerich, Photographer Two Hawks Young, Hair & Makeup Deyah Cassadore assisted by Brita, Stylist Diannah Reid. Models Miah, Ty, Sequoia, Diannah, Delfina, Hud, and Stepha

Relative Arts acknowledge
the land designated as "New York City" to be the homeland of the Lenape (Lenapehoking) who were violently displaced as a result of European settler colonialism over the course of 400 years. The Lenape are a diasporic people that remain closely connected with this land and are its rightful stewards.
 The majority of Lënape peoples and the main political and cultural body of the tribe ended up in the 3 federally recognized bands in the US: in what is known as Oklahoma and Wisconsin and three federally recognized bands in Canada, after repeated removals and relocations spanning over 500 years of exodus. 

We also recognize that New York City has one of the largest urban Native American / Indigenous populations in the United States. 


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30 % of the proceeds of all

I <3 Lenapehoking tees go toward Lenape language preservation with The Munsee Delaware Language & History Group 

Teton Trade Cloth

Relative Arts is honored to be the exclusive NYC retailer of Teton Trade Cloth blankets and fabric.

"Teton Trade Cloth by Lenape is owned by the Delaware Tribe of Indians. We are operated by a Lenape woman as our CEO. As a 100% Native owned and operated business, we take culture seriously.

Lenape means “Original People”, in our Native language. Therefore, it is fitting to have our business called Teton Trade Cloth by Lenape, as we are for all people who wish to join us in celebrating the art, beauty, and traditions of Indigenous, Original Peoples. 

We are dedicated to providing trade goods of the highest quality, and in doing so, honor our heritage and traditions. We are proud to offer a unique platform for Native peoples to express themselves through Indigenous art and the celebration of our culture." Teton Trade Cloth

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Our mission is to provide a peer-run space in New York City to celebrate and foster the advancement of Indigenous futurism in fashion and art through representation and education.



367 E 10th St. New York, NY 10009


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